We employ over one hundred specialists in our factory. By combining tradition with modernity we are able to adapt products to customer needs. We are particularly proud of our homemade pastries and authorial bread made of natural sourdough. A modern delivery car fleet is a guaratee of quick and efficient distribution.




We use the highest quality materials in production.



Our products are based on traditional, proven recipes.



We are strongly involved in local activities like supporting charity or organising sport events in the Gorlice region.




The founder of the bakery is Janusz Pietrucha, who from his youth had been educated in the profession of a bakery technologist, and then took a job at PSS Gorlice as a baker. Moving up the baking career ladder, he became the manager and was performing this function for 12 years. In 1994 he was dismissed, but his ambitions and professional experience did not allow him to finish his baking adventure.


In 1995, he opened his own factory - a small estate bakery at Słoneczna Street in Gorlice. The beginning was not easy because not only was one oven used for baking that time but also the fact that every single loaf of bread was formed manually.


That year company moved its production unit to upgraded rooms at 11 Listopada street in Gorlice. Four ovens were installed there, which allowed to increase production capacity and enabled to produce better quality bread.


His hard work resulted in an award in the "Malopolska Craftsman of the Year 2000" competition in the producer category.


After 11 years of activity, the owner, doing his best to meet the requirements of the new sanitary regulations and implement the latest baking technologies, built a new production plant in an economic zone at Młyńska 3 Street under the name "Weronica LLC". Thanks to the room extension, the plant was adapted to specialized confectionery and bakery production.


The company currently employs over one hundred people and has 14 branded cars that deliver bread to approximately 250 stores and confectioneries throughout Poland and abroad. The company produces over 50 bakery products and about 80 confectionery.

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